Upcoming Events

Unseen Beauty, Unheard Voices, Unnoticed Wisdom

March 7,   3 – 6pm

Join us at Still Point in honor of International Women’s Day for an exhibit exploring the deep, rich, and often complex souls of women. Artists Liz Beard (NYC), Rodrigo Mateo (NYC), and Carmel Anderson (Ketchikan, Alaska) bring together three unique and soulful pursuits of art, narrative, and a love of humanity. Their work presents a dynamic beauty in both the poetic and the painful. It asks: Who am I not hearing? What am I missing? Unheard Voices, Unseen Beauty, Unnoticed Wisdom invites both celebration and lament for things often unseen.

With live music from special guest Okorie “Okcello” Johnson (Atlanta). Doors open at 3PM. Artist talk and conversation at 4PM with contributing voices from Wellspring International, a humanitarian organization empowering impact in the lives of women and children. Free and open to the public. Catering by Refuge Coffee Company. RSVP appreciated.


New Collectors’ Social

February 29,   3 – 6pm

Still Point invites you to a community event and reception featuring new, small works by local and well-known artists, all priced under $500. Purchase and take home the art you love on the spot. While you’re here, join in on a community conversation exploring patronage with special guests and artists.

Still Point is a formal, non-profit gallery: one hundred percent of the sale of any work of art always goes directly to the artist.

Support artists. Support the arts. Support community.


NOVEMBER 23,    3 – 5pm

Join us at Still Point for Body of Evidence: an exhibit of figurative works. Meet and mingle with the artists in the gallery anytime between 3-5 PM. Refreshments by Refuge Coffee Company. Free and open to the public. RSVP requested.

Karen Swenholt is a sculptor who lives and works in Northern Virginia. In this retrospective of her work, influences from the West Coast’s Bay Area Figurative Movement combine with the emotional power of abstract expressionism from her East Coast studies and origins.

Harry Ally is recognized as one of the South’s finest figurative painters. Retired after 30 years of as a professor of painting and drawing, he now holds the title professor Emeritus at Valdosta State University.

Opening Reception with Artist Matthew Doll

+ Live Music by Okcello

July 13, 2019

Join us July 13 for the opening reception of Night, Desert, Garden, a solo exhibition featuring paintings by Matthew Doll of Orvieto, Italy with live music by Atlanta’s own Okcello! Meet the artists and join us for Italian desserts and beverages by Refuge Coffee Company.

More about the artists:

Matthew Doll is an American painter and graphic designer based in Orvieto, Italy. His solo exhibition is an exploration of charged spaces: Night, Desert, Garden. They are landscapes of possibility, places of refuge or exile, distances to be crossed out of necessity or desire. They are places of beauty and hostility, zones of accessibility and fragility. Doll’s paintings were made in a wide context between Jerusalem and Rome, cities celebrated and burdened by their own identities. They include passages that speak peace against the abuse of power, and scenes of impossible areas of trespass. Using loaded place-names and figures, Doll invites dialogue with the places we live and how we share our relationship to it.

Okorie “Okcello” Johnson is an American cellist-songwriter and pioneer of electronic and experimental string music in the United States. His sophomore album marks his evolution as a communicator and a storyteller who reveals personal truths: of time travel, of the African Diaspora, of a deep love for women and of unspoken prayers. Okorie is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Still Point Colloquy

June 27, 2019

The Still Point Colloquy is an annual, intimate gathering of creative voices for a rich engagement of theological questions and liturgy. With artist Marc Chagall as visual guide and conversation partner this year, we will explore the makings of a sacred imagination. Mark the season of Pentecost and the promise of new creation as we traverse the sacred terrain of the imagination with thoughtful lectures from our global team.

 For Marc Chagall, this world was filled with reoccurring symbols of his own childhood fantasy, Jewish heritage, and the biblical stories he so loved. His was an imagination that embodied a hope that carried him through World War, personal loss, and the horrific suffering of the Holocaust.

This day-long event takes place in the gallery surrounded by the works of Marc Chagall. Topics will engage the liturgical season and a diverse imaginative terrain. Limited spaces available due to the small and intimate nature of this gathering. Registration includes lunch and refreshments.

Marc Chagall and the Sacred

Opening Reception + Lecture

April 14, 2019


Lecture by Vivian R. Jacobson: 2:00 PM and repeated at 5:00 PM.

Reception between lectures: 3:00-5:00 PM.

Marc Chagall and the Sacred brings together the spirituality and imagination of one of the twentieth century’s most beloved artists. With wit and joy, the art of Marc Chagall is filled with reoccurring symbols of his own visual memory, childhood fantasy, and Jewish heritage.For 40 years, Vivian R. Jacobson has been giving lectures internationally on her experiences with the man who has been called a pioneer of modernism. Sharing recollections of time spent working with Chagall for the last 11 years of his life, Jacobson speaks with unique insight, offering a moving and personal glimpse of the artist and the man.

Due to popular demand, Vivian will give the lecture twice—at 2 PM and at 5 PM—with a reception held between lectures. You are welcome to come to either timeslot.Free and open to the public. Catering by Refuge Coffee Company. RSVP required and appreciated. Due to limited seating, please update your RSVP status if you or your guests are no longer able to attend. Overflow seating will be available.

Gallery Reception & Charity Benefit

December 1, 2018

A collaborative exhibition witnessing to remarkable beauty in the face of suffering.


“Beautiful” features photography by Elizabeth Jones and paintings by artist Craig Hawkins. With stunning portraiture in multiple media, the intent of this exhibition is to witness to remarkable beauty in the face of suffering. “Beautiful” also hopes to raise global awareness of burn victims in India.

Join us on Saturday, December 1 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM for a gallery reception with the artists and presentation by director Naomi Zacharias of Wellspring International at 2 PM.

Wellspring International identifies existing organizations aiding women and children at risk, giving financial support and accountability to vetted projects that support education, healthcare, and poverty and war related issues. One hundred percent of donations to Wellspring International directly support vetted and researched projects.

“Beautiful” will be on display at Still Point from November through February. Optional donations pledged at the December 1st reception and throughout the duration of the exhibit will be designated toward the building of a new surgical burn and treatment center in India.

Selfie: Identity at Arm’s Length
Public Reception

September 8, 2018

A group exhibition featuring Atlanta artists engaging themes of identity in their work:

Antonio Darden
Haylee Anne
William Massey
Angela Davis Johnson
Michael Dillon
Jessica Caldas
Matthew Phillips
Danielle Deadwyler
Angela Bortone
Hasani Sahlehe
Jen DePlour
Sara Zimmerman
Evan Jones
Craig Hawkins
Rose Smith

Georges Rouault as a Graphic Artist

Public Reception

June 2, 2018


Still Point presents Seeing in the Darkness, an exhibition of works by French artist Georges Rouault (1871–1958) from his Miserere series, etchings from his Fleurs du Mal I series, color aquatint works from The Passion and Fleurs du Mal III series and other intaglio prints. The graphic art in this exhibition, done at the height of the artist’s career, shows how deeply the artist identified with peoples’ sufferings and, indeed, saw within this darkness something with which to grapple.

Join us for a public reception June 2, 2018 from 7-9:30 pm with Philippe Rouault, great-grandson of artist Georges Rouault as special guest and art historian Linda Stratford. A presentation engaging the artist and his work will begin at 8:00 pm. This is the largest exhibit of Rouault works to the south and it is the first visit of Philippe Rouault of the Rouault Foundation to Atlanta. Admission is free. RSVP required.

The Still Point Colloquy

March 28, 2018


Seeing Christ in the Darkness:
A Creative Exploration of Holy Week with Artist Georges Rouault

The Still Point colloquy is an intimate gathering of creative voices for a rich engagement of theological questions. Using the resonant elegy of Holy Week and French artist Georges Rouault as our visual guide, Still Point’s first colloquy explored visions of Christ in the darkness as we journeyed together and with the global church toward the cross.

Joe Cory, Elegy II

Out of the Depths

Exploring the Complex Nature of the Migrant Crisis

February 24, 2018
Out of the Depths is a collaborative traveling art exhibition that explores the current migrant crisis from the perspective of a Lebanese street photographer (Fadi BouKaram, Beirut, Lebanon) and an American painter (Joe Cory, Birmingham, Alabama). In the exhibit, powerful images of the Middle East are juxtaposed with paintings based on filtered information mediated by American news sources. Motifs of water and navigational symbols further pervade the imagery, as viewers confront themes of proximity and distance along with complex images of humanity and assumptions of what it means to be living as a refugee. The exhibition is curated by Matt Schneider (Birmingham, Alabama).
Join us at Still Point February 24, 2018 from 2-4 pm for a gallery reception with one of the artists, Joe Cory, and exhibition curator Matt Schneider. Representatives from local and international organizations supporting refugees will also be on hand, including Clarkston Community Center and Wellspring International. This event will be catered by Refuge Coffee and is free and open to the public. RSVP and invite your friends!