Selfie: Identity at Arm’s Length

July–October 2018

A group exhibition featuring Atlanta artists engaging themes of identity in their work. Artists include Antonio Darden, Haylee Anne, William Massey, Angela Davis Johnson, Michael Dillon, Jessica Caldas, Matthew Phillips, Danielle Deadwyler, JOEKINGATL, Angela Bortone, Hasani Sahlehe, Jen DePlour , Sara Zimmerman, Evan Jones, Craig Hawkins, and Rose Smith.


November 2018–February 2019

A collaborative exhibition witnessing to remarkable beauty in the face of suffering.



“Beautiful” features photography by Elizabeth Jones and paintings by artist Craig Hawkins. With stunning portraiture in multiple media, the intent of this exhibition is to witness to remarkable beauty in the face of suffering. “Beautiful” also hopes to raise global awareness of burn victims in India.

Join us on Saturday, November 17 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM for a gallery reception with the artists and presentation by director Naomi Zacharias of Wellspring International at 2 PM.

Wellspring International identifies existing organizations aiding women and children at risk, giving financial support and accountability to vetted projects that support education, healthcare, and poverty and war related issues. One hundred percent of donations to Wellspring International directly support vetted and researched projects.

“Beautiful” will be on display at Still Point from November through February. Optional donations pledged at the Nov. 17th reception and throughout the duration of the exhibit will be designated toward the building of a new surgical burn and treatment center in India.